Blue Honey; Adding flavour to Cardiff’s cultural landscape

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Meet Andy Richards, one of the owners of Blue Honey Local and Blue Honey Night Cafe. Both are ventures which he started with his friends Josh Dymond, Ben Field, Nathan Whitehead and Scott Hillen with the aim to add flavour to Cardiff’s cultural landscape.

He shares with us his passions about travelling, learning, music and food as well as his view of Cardiff's music and food cultural scene.

About Andy

Andy is originally from Cardiff. He left the city to study International Politics at Aberystwyth University in Mid Wales. He travelled a lot outside the UK and enjoyed it as it helped him challenge himself and understand different cultures. Sometimes he questions whether to move abroad, someplace with warmer weather, friendly people but also serving good food. He says: “I don’t know where life will take me but all I know is that I want to learn new languages, I love learning!” Andy is also passionate about music and enjoys deejaying. He plays psychedelic cosmic techno music at a few venues around Cardiff.

He draws on music for inspiration and comes up with new ideas for events which take place in the two venues or other independent music venues in Cardiff.

Andy and his partners add flavour to Cardiff’s cultural scene

Seven years ago, Andy and his friends decided to start something together in Cardiff. They wanted a space which served as a cultural melting pot. Having lived in the capital city of Wales for all his life, Andy shares:

" We knew we wanted to stay in Cardiff and so we aimed to create place(s) with the community and cultural vibe we enjoy."

Their first business was The Blue Honey vintage store in Cardiff’s High Street Arcade in 2012. The clothing store was created by the Blue Honey ‘family’ to add a different concept in the retail industry as it used to turn into a music venue on the weekends. This store no longer exist but two other Blue Honey venues came on the scene.

Their passion to introduce a unique food and music experience to Cardiff’s night scene motivated them to start their next venture. Blue Honey Night Cafe was born and it could be described as a 'speak easy' style night bar, simply because you will not find it if you don't know it shares its venue with Sully's cafe. The night cafe welcomes various DJs and guest who love street food and 'good' music.

[Blue Honey night Cafe is part of Sully's Cafe, 134 Cardiff Rd, Cardiff]

The Blue Honey guys continued with the aim to foster cross-cultural exchange and in May 2018, they took over MILGI, one of the first plant based restaurants in Cardiff. They turned it into Blue Honey Local while retaining the original structure and look of the place, wanting to preserve the earthy look of the cafe. Andy shares that the Moroccan tiles in the bar, wooden furniture, and Eartha’s plants, all come together beautifully to create an alternative, creative and chill ambiance.

[Blue Honey Local, 213 City Road, Cardiff]

Andy has been always trying to avoid the mainstream city’s perspective and as he says,

My favorite part of running these businesses is knowing that I am adding value to the cultural landscape of the city.

[Floor Patterns / Tiles and Painted Walls]

Aside from the theme, Blue Honey Local also preserves the sustainable character of MILGI and serve vegan-friendly dishes. As Andy says: “This is how businesses should be thinking in the future.” Blue Honey Local menu is tapas based as Andy and his partners support the social element of dining. The food is Asian Inspired with spice notes and all ingredients are sourced from the Cardiff Market. Andy happily shares that he came up with the recipes on the menu. He says: “I had an idea of what I wanted it to be, a lot of developing and tasting was involved!

[Photos taken in the back yard of Blue Honey Local, 213 City Road, Cardiff]

Blue Honey Local uses Hardlines coffee roasters. It aims to be a work and lunch space during the day and converges to a restaurant - music venue in the evening. Andy and his partners have regular discussions on ways they could bring more to the social scene at all of their venues. For now, they regularly organize movie, music and art events at Blue Honey Night Cafe and Blue Honey Local.

- The End -

Follow Andy's stories and learn more about Blue Honey Local and the Night Cafe at: @bluehoneylocal @bluehoneynightcafe Interviewer, Writer & Photographer: Eftychia Ntzereme

Copy Editor: Alegria Bohem

Interviewee: Andy Richards

Location: Cardiff, UK

Date of Publication: 11|11|2019


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